SPEEDY BEANS. 10 quick + easy weeknight wonders

SPEEDY BEANS. 10 quick + easy weeknight wonders

SPEEDY BEANS. 10 quick + easy weeknight wonders, all on the table in under 30 mins.

Chickpea, Tomato + Harissa Stew with Herby Yoghurt

This is one of our most popular recipes to date. It's everything you could want in a 10 min bean bowl; nutty chickpeas, blistered cherry toms + spicy harissa. A good dollop of a herby, caper yoghurt to cut through it all. NOT ONE TO MISS. Cook along with us here.








Butter Beans with Lemon, Ricotta + Pesto

A firm favourite amongst our OG bean champs. We call our Queen Butter Beans "natures gnocchi" as their big, fat creaminess act in a similar way. What we love most is that this dish can be served either hot or cold, making it an ideal dish for any time of year. Cook along with us here







Miso Mushroom Black Bean Bowl 

 Black beans are not just for Mexican cooking!! Our Queen Black Beans hold Asian flavours super well. Load the miso mushroom + bean base with any toppings you've got lying around. Cook along with us here.






Cacio e Pepe Beans

All the naughtiness of a cheesy pasta dish + all the greatness of THE BEAN!! This is our take on an Italian classic. It's rich, cheesy + super indulgent and is is required is 3 key ingredients, 10 mins of your time + NO PASTA TO BOIL! Cook along with us here




Red Bean + Aubergine Ragu

Red beans are NOT just for chilli con carnes. Our red beans have a rich, meatiness to them, making them the perfect base for any ragu. Don't skip the charred aubergine - this adds HELLA flavour + pairs perfectly with a drizzle of tahini on top. Cook along with us here.





Butter Bean Puttanesca

Our "pasta beans" recipes are known to convert any bean hater into a bean champ. Higher in protein, fibre + no need to boil any pasta. WINNING. Cook along with us here.







 Porcini Mushroom Bean-Otto

Risottos are labours of love. But when time isn't on our side, we've got something creamier, protenier + beanier: THE BEAN-OTTO. Our white beans are SO SUPER CREAMY, they create a base that’s similar to a risotto but it’s on the table in half the time: WINNING. Cook along with us here.






Chickpea Satay Salad

Nutty chickpeas paired with rich, creamy peanut butter is something to go DOUBLE NUTS FOR. The chickpeas are coated in a glossy, satay sauce which we love to serve with rice, packed into flatbreads or in crunchy lettuce cups for something a little lighter. The best part? It's all done in 15 mins!






 Pesto Broccoli Beans

Beans + pesto = a match made in heaven. We've made our own pesto here, but for even more speedy-ness, stir through any shop bought pesto you like. Cook along with us here.







One Pan Spicy Sausage + Beans

 It doesn't get much heartier than a bowl of bangers + beans. This one's taken to the next level with spicy harissa for extra oomph. Cook along with us here.