9 ways you would never think to use red kidney beans

9 ways you would never think to use red kidney beans

10 ways you would never think to use red kidney beans

Red beans are NOT just for chilli con carne.

To round up our month spent celebrating this GLORIOUS bean with our #beattheblueswithredbeans campaign, we've rounded up 10 ways to CELEBRATE our QUEEN RED BEAN!! They do of course have a place in the well-loved family favourites, but when you're using something as creamy, indulgent + full flavoured as our Queen Red B's, you'll soon come to realise that these marvels are far too good to be hiding amongst a heavy sauce. They need to be celebrated + appreciated in their full glory and so here's our top 10 ways in which you can do exactly that. 

'Nduja Red Bean Bake with Mozzarella + Hot Honey

Give your tastebuds a load of this: all the flavours of a pizza perked up with both a hint of spice + sweetness and then BAKED in the oven. A cheesy, oozy, crispy breadcrumbed-top delight which will make you question why you never thought of adding beans to your pizzas. Don't believe us? This guy will convert you. 

Roasted Cherry, Red Bean + Fennel Salad with Goats Cheese

We've all had a three bean salad from a tin once in our lives. They're just a bit sad + often lack in excitement + flavour. But this one might just be our NEW FAVOURITE SALAD to showcase the red kidney beans. The cherries are roasted to give them  that real sweet, jammy texture which we then toss our Queen Red Beans into to soak up the juices. Topped off with some tangy goats cheese, it's a match made in heaven.

Red Bean + Stilton Rolls

This is NOT A SAUSAGE ROLL. All the buttery, flaky, INDULGENT meatiness of a sausage roll with al the greatness + damn delicious of a Queen Red Bean. Our red beans are SO SUPER CREAMY they mould into sausage-like patties in seconds. Paired with jammy caramelised onions, thyme, stilton + honey, every bite is a treat - you won't even miss the sausage. You'll be the most popular one at the picnic FOR SURE. 

Red Bean, Olive + Pistachio Tabbouleh Salad

Speedy, substantial + entirely plant-based! This is our take on a traditional tabbouleh salad, except we've jazzed it up with pistachios, olives + our Queen Red Beans to maximise it's flavour + texture. It's crunchy + soft and PACKED with freshness. Great as a side for any BBQ spread or as a hearty-salad which travels very well for a picnic or work lunch.

Red Bean + Pulled Aubergine Ragu with Tahini

This is probably the closest recipe to a traditional veggie chilli. BUT we've maximised it's flavour by using the burnt aubergine technique to give those aubergine fleshes a real depth of flavour for the base of the ragu. Our red beans provide the provide, heartiness AND creaminess and it's drizzled with a sharp tahini dressing. Pair with bulgur wheat, rice or even tagliatelle for a heartier affair. (it's even tastier the next day, so it's a cracker for leftovers + is freezer friendly!)


Sticky Red Bean, Kale + Feta Traybake

This salad is rich, sweet and a wee bit sticky! The feta is essential for cutting through the richness of the pomegranate molasses while the kale adds good crunch and freshness. It's delicious as a salad in it's own right, or try roasting with some chicken thighs or serve with polenta mash.

Red Bean Lasagne

You won’t believe this lasagne is meat free. We promise you. And it’s also not even a compromise - we argue - IT’S BETTER! There is a time in everyone's month when they crave a a hearty lasagne, loaded with cheese. Serve this up for friends with a nice glass of vino.

Red Bean, Ricotta + Beetroot Traybake

If you've never baked ricotta before then BY GOD you've gotta try it. The centre turns soft + almost marshmellowy, while the outside gets this golden edge. This is a bung-it-all-in-one-tray BAKED salad using our Queen Red Beans which burst into the creamy ricotta mix. Winter salads are absolutely worth getting excited for when they taste this good. 

Smokey Aubergine + Red Bean Tacos with Tahini Slaw

BEAN TACOS!? Absolutely. The meatiness of the red bean + the pulled smokey aubergine is enough to satisfy any meat-loving taco eater! Charring the aubergine creates a beautiful pillow of flavour which pairs SO well with the soft + creamy red beans. Topped with a zingy coriander tahini slaw, this makes the perfect combo for your next taco night! 
HUGE thanks to the legend that is Dominique Woolf who let us share this #beanspo on our website for all you champs to enjoy. This Dhal is MEGA. Most of us are familiar with the classic lentil dhal right? BUT get to know the QUEEN RED BEAN dhal. It's hearty + spicy yet creamy too. Pimped up with pickled ginger, steamed pak choi + crispy chilli oil, this is a TOTAL game changer.