We will aim to deliver your order within 3-6 business days (although sometimes it may take a little longer - we will always try to keep you informed). Orders over £35.00 will be delivered free of charge - orders under £35.00 will have a £5.50 delivery fee added on.

Currently, we can only deliver within the UK! But we hope to be able to supply the rest of the world with beans in the future. 

Where do the beans come from? 

The beans we source are varieties grown for flavour rather than yield. This makes them more expensive and from varieties that are less-widely grown, but we see it as ESSENTIAL to deliver on our mission (to make you obsessed with beans, by giving you the best of beans). In 2023, we sourced from producers in the countries below.

  •  Queen Butter Beans are harvested in September. Both this year and last year's harvest come from producers in Poland, famous for the Piekny Jas Txny variety. 
  • Queen Chickpeas are harvested twice per year, first in March and then in September. They come from a variety that produces extra-large chickpeas and we select the biggest and most beautiful from each crop. We are sourcing them from Mexico 
  • Organic White Beans are harvested in September. This year we are sourcing from Turkey and last year's harvest came from Spain. 
  • Organic Chickpeas are harvested in August. We are sourcing them from Spain 
  • Queen Red Beans from this years harvest are grown in Leon in North West Spain and new harvest from Argentina. 
  • Queen Black Beans from this years harvest are grown in Canada. 

Please note: When these harvests run out, we match our quality standards from other small producers to top up and make sure no-one faces a Bold Bean drought! All our beans are cooked and jarred in Spain, as we wanted to find the place who could create the best tasting bean. In an ideal world, we would love to make all our beans in the UK and it’s something we will work towards in the future.  

My jars are broken!

We are sorry to hear about this, it is an unfortunate side effect of the transportation of heavy glass objects. We try to keep our packaging as lean as possible, and would rather have the occasional breakage than use lots of protective items which are bad for the environment. Please send us a picture of the following: The courier label: This is to prove the parcel is delivered by the responsible courier The external damage: This is to prove the parcel is damaged or repacked by the responsible courier The internal damage: This is to prove that the product was damaged Once we have received this - along with the quantities of jars broken, we will provide you with a refund for all the jars that were broken. 

I can’t get into my jars - the lid is too tight!

We have learnt a trick that will change your life! Tap the jar against a hard surface a few times. This will loosen the lid and make it easy to get in. Get in touch with us if this still does not work and we will be happy to help you.

How can I find recipes for Inspiration?

Our Instagram is always a great place to find recipe inspiration, you can even save the ones you like for later. Alternatively, we have a recipe page on our our website with tons of amazing recipes from other bean champs!

My beans haven’t arrived yet!

If you want to see where your order is - please use the tracking link in your email. If you have not received the link, the beans are still in the warehouse waiting to be dispatched. Please be patient - but get in touch with if you want some clarification.

You also mention you work with heirloom varieties. Can we learn more about them?

A note on heirloom varieties - the majority of the beans traded globally are highly commoditized. This means that they are grown for yield and with almost no regard for flavour and quality. We choose beans which are less widely grown but more known for their taste and texture. 
Queen Butter Beans. These are the Piekny Jas Tyczny variety, which are a subspecies of phaseolus coccineus (The same family of beans as the Greek's Gigante and the Spanish's Judion de la Granja). They have a thinner skin and are far creamier than the phaseolus lunatus which you'll find in all supermarkets and the majority of butter beans available. They grow really well in sunny climates. 
Queen Chickpeas. These are what the Spanish call "Garbanzo extra" which means that they are "Extra Large Chickpeas". They are grown in mild climates with warmer winters and that's why we get ours from Andalucia. These are a subspecies of the Kabuli variety, which tends to grow bigger. But on top of that, we select the biggest beans from each harvest to ensure the incredible texture and size our Queen Chickpeas offer you. 
Organic White Beans: Andalucia, Spain. These beans are the Organic Alubia Blanca. This is a more common bean variety (subspecies of haricot bean and called phaseolus vulgaris (meaning common bean). They're native to Spain and are wonderfully versatile. What you tend to find with heirloom varieties, is that they struggle with yields as it is, so sometimes need a bit more help with conventional farming methods, this is why we can't currently offer organic butter beans, we can't seem to source them outside of China!). 
Organic Chickpeas: Andalucia, Spain. These are our favourites, the Pedrolisano chickpea, a subspecies of the desi variety. They're not known for their size, but are known for their nutty flavour and to make the best hummus.  

Have you or members of your team been to visit any of the farms to understand their farming practices? 

Yes! They are incredible and I saw first hand that they produce with a real respect for the soil. They refuse to use drying agents (which are chemical liquids industrial farms use to speed up the drying out of the bean) and plant a range of beans every year to ensure diversity within their fields.

How long do the beans last?

The beans have a long shelf life, and can be stored in a cool dry place for a long time. Once opened, they should be refrigerated and consumed within 3-5 days.

I want a pick and mix subscription but it won't work!

Unfortunately the technology on our website doesn't allow for customers to create subscriptions on pick and mix boxes. We have a solution for this! Just email us ( with the details of what you would like and how frequently you would like them. We will then be in touch with more details.

What do I do with the packing peanuts that come in my box?

We use Eco Flo packing peanuts they are both dissolvable and compostable! Stick them in your compost at home or tip them into your sink and run water over them (they might need a little scrunching in your hands to break them down completely!)

I need to skip or delay my next subsciption order!

Please email us at, we are happy to help you sort this out! Please just let us know what date you would like to receive your next box. 

I want to change the items on my subscription!

Please email us at, let us know which items you would like to remove and add, we are happy to help you sort this out!