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Bog standard supermarket beans are heated up quickly, to a SUPER high temp, losing the banging beany flavour along the way. We cook ours low and slow + pour the brothy beans into glass jars.

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We choose the best beans from each harvest, specially selected for quality and FLAVOUR. Cooked with just fresh water and sea salt to preserve their natural delicious beany flavour, without any sulphites or additives.

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Each bean variety is suited to different growing conditions, we source our beans from the best possible climate for each one. Just the right amount of sunshine, rain and soil with good drainage to keep our beans growing healthy, happy and strong. 



We season our beans throughout the cooking process like proper chefs do! Their natural flavour is then enhanced in a way you simply CAN'T replicate after.

Our first British-grown bean: The Carlin Pea

Have you heard of Carlin Peas before? If you’re not from Lancashire, then chances are you probably haven’t. They’re nutty, earthy and taste like a puy lentil and a chickpea had a baby.
They used to be a STAPLE but have long been forgotten by our food culture. That’s why in 2023, we set out to launch our first British-grown bean in collaboration with Hodmedod’s.
Our first harvest were grown in Cambridgeshire, and cooked the Bold Bean way - low and slow, with fresh water and a pinch of salt to make a truly melt-in-the-mouth bean.
We’d love to persuade you to try them on taste alone, but by choosing this British-grown pulse, you will also be:

🧑‍🌾 Supporting British farmers

🌱 Supporting British soils

🔒 Enhancing our food security here in the UK

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