Our Top 10 Bean Traybake Recipes

Our Top 10 Bean Traybake Recipes

Our Top 10 Bean Traybake Recipes

10 simple, no-fuss recipes that absolutely deliver on FLAVOUR. Whether you're after a recipe for a quick mid-week dinner, a weekend party platter or a hearty-salad, we have definitely got you covered. Not only will these get your taste-buds going, but these one-pan recipes help to reduce food waste, save energy + reduce washing up: delicious, nutritious + sustainable?! WINNING.

Butter Bean, Artichoke + Ricotta Traybake

Have you ever tried to bake ricotta?! THIS IS YOUR SIGN. The outside turns golden while the inside is still soft + pillowy. That all gets swirled through those creamy Queen Butter Beans which turn slightly crispy on the outside but still melt-in-the-mouth delicious on the inside. This is one to whip out over the summer months. 

Black Bean, Parsnip + Fennel Traybake with a Tarragon Orange Dressing

Traybakes are never quite the elegant sort. But this BEAUTY says differently. The parsnips caramelise, the Queen Black Beans give it some real body + texture and the punchy vinaigrette adds a real elegance to this hearty salad. It's one to impress at at a dinner party, but without the stress!

Sausage + Harissa Bean Bake with Herby Yoghurt

A more boujee + decadent version of bangers + beans. The base is rich + tomatoey yet the herby, tahini yog adds freshness to cut through it all. It's all bunged in one tray + ready in 20 mins: a speedy, weeknight dinner to feed the whole family. 

Jammy Confit Tomatoes + Chickpeas

This one slightly goes against the speedy-ness of a traybake. But it's one of our best performing, one-pan recipes and so we just HAD to include it in this bunch. If you're unfamiliar with confit-ing, it's a process of cooking something low + slow while it bathes in a load of olive oil + a handful of extra flavourings. Here, the tomatoes go soft + jammy while the chickpeas have that crisp outer but keep their soft centre. If you're a first time confit-er, THIS is the recipe to go-by. 

Red Bean, Beetroot + Ricotta Traybake

A ricotta number x2 as this guy bakes to perfection. The red bean + beetroot combo give it a real depth of flavour. This is just proof that salads are definitely not boring AND how versatile the red kidney bean can really be.

Roasted Cabbage, Harissa Butter Beans + Baked Feta

3 key elements here: smoky, spicy beans, crispy charred cabbage + tangy feta: they are  A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. It can be turned into a simple but flavoursome weeknight meal or, present it as a larger sharing platter to serve at dinner parties (the charred cabbage is a beauty!).

Potato, Leek + Chickpea Traybake with Romesco Sauce

Potatoes + beans can ABSOLUTELY be friends. They both team up in this traybake for double-crispiness while the romesco sauce adds both punchiness + creaminess. We definitely think there's a place for beans on a Sunday roast spread, this could be it!!

Sticky Red Bean, Kale + Feta Traybake Salad

Perhaps one more for the winter months, but try swapping the kale for some broccoli - you will still get that crispy, charred flavour! Our Queen Red Beans are the star of the show which are coated in pomegranate molasses for that real sweet, sticky delight. 

Roasted Carrot, Butter Bean + Quinoa Traybake with Tahini Dressing

Not a fan of quinoa? Then you need to try ROASTING IT. It turns into these sprinkles of crispiness, and with the caramelised carrots, crispy butter beans + tahini dressing, it really all blends together to create a real substantial, hearty salad. This is also a winner for storing in tupperwares to have for lunch throughout the week. 

Cauli, Bean + Cheese Bake

If you're still sceptical about adding beans to your roast dinners, why not try hiding them into what's already a classic? All the cheesy, indulgent goodness of a cauliflower cheese, all the greatness of a bean! (we bet Uncle Ted won't even notice!!)