We started Bold Bean Co in the belief that beans are THE most badass, climate-friendly food + more people need to be obsessed with them. That's our mission, but we didn't stop there. We're bold in our commitment to sustainability because it's why we exist in the first place.

way we consume animal products has changed and we’re seeing more reports and studies showing that consuming less meat is way more environmentally friendly. But so many of the alternatives are highly processed, unnatural products. Cue: BEANS! A minimally-processed source of protein and fibre that grows straight from the ground. Sure, beans have existed before we came on the scene. But we believe ours are the BEST and BOLDEST, so you’ll actually want to eat them instead of a steak or roast chicken. They’re THAT good.


We don’t need to contribute anymore plastic to the planet. That’s why our beans are slowly cooked and poured into jars, which can be preserved for longer and are ready to be reused as cute vases, food storage or simply recycled. 

Modern crops are becoming more and more reliant on nitrate-based fertilisers and pesticides. Which, as you can imagine, is not great. But planting legumes means less need for these chemical fertilisers. Because they’re ‘nitrate-fixers’, pulling nitrogen from the air and replenishing the soil naturally. Pretty handy seeing as 40% of arable soil in the UK is at risk of erosion. We use heirloom varietals which are grown on smaller farms and mean no monocropping (an agricultural practice that means consistently growing a single crop on a piece of land, which is bad for soil health).