DON'T RECYCLE, UPCYCLE - how to reuse your empty jars

DON'T RECYCLE, UPCYCLE - how to reuse your empty jars

DON'T RECYCLE, UPCYCLE - how to reuse your empty jars

So you’ve finished your jar of Bold Beans. Perhaps you whipped up a hearty chickpea curry, a bean-otto that banged, or a creamy dip that became the star of the nibbles board. Now, as you stand before your empty jar, you might be wondering, "What's next for this handy little glass jar?" Well, the #beanspo doesn’t end after your dinner! We’ve whipped up a guide for innovative ways to reduce waste and add a touch of creativity to your life. Enter the world of jar upcycling!

Luminary Jar:

Add some coziness to your home by turning your jar into a luminary jar. Use a dark pen to draw a tree or house design on the jar, or fill it with coloured paper, + decorate until your heart's content! Once you add fairy lights or safe tea lights, your design will illuminate the room, spreading some gorgeous warmth and light! 

We had a go at making our own luminary jars to celebrate the festive season! 


Granola Jar / Ingredient Storage:

Jars AINT just for dried pasta; they're SO versatile for storage in the kitchen! Repurpose jars to store granola, ground coffee, cinnamon sticks, rice or any pantry essentials. They also look GREAT on your shelves or countertops. You could even make it even more delightful by adding a bow, a handmade label, and gift someone a jar filled with homemade granola!



There are tons of local businesses and shops on our doorsteps to get this produce plastic free too! Take your jars along to your nearest zero waste shop for a plastic-free and eco-friendly top up. Supporting local businesses while being environmentally conscious has NEVER been so easy! 

check out, The Eco-Pantry in Sevenoaks, Refilled in Chichester, The refill room in Leigh-on-sea and Shop Zero in Nottingham for fabulous plastic free staples!

Coaster Lids:

Transform your Bold Bean jar lids into fun coasters with a touch of creativity and some glue! All you need is some adhesive cork or fabric + a glue gun, + some you'll have unique coasters to protect your surfaces while adding a personalised touch to your home. Nifty! 

Check out this handy tutorial here!


Salad Jar/Overnight Oats:

Be that person in the office with your salad jar full of prepped veggies + beans for lunch, or that someone on the bus eating your jar of overnight oats on the way to your morning spin class. Embrace a healthy lifestyle with jar-packed meals! Layer your favourite veggies, chickpeas, grains, or rice for a quick and easy lunch! 

Here's a FAB bean champ who's put our jars to GREAT use... 


(Tag us in your own batched bean recipes!)

For breakfast, mix oats, milk, yogurt, nuts, seeds, + fruit in our jars, leave it overnight, and wake up to a delicious and filling breakfast. Saving yourself time too… no brainer! the PERFECT container for food on the move! 

 Recipe here!