7 bean-dips that aren't just hummus

7 bean-dips that aren't just hummus

7 ways to BEAN-DIP (that aren't just hummus!)

Disclaimer: WE LOVE HUMMUS!! After all, our Queen Chickpeas are known for creating THE silkiest hummus. But when you come to understand the versatility + FLAVOUR of a great quality bean, the ways in which you can use them are endless.  Dip, dunk, scoop or spread - these dips are also fibre + protein rich, and many can be appreciated as a meal in their own right. But warning, watch our for "double-dippers", because these guys are hard to resist.

Lemony, Butter Bean Dip + Crispy Sage

Granted, our Queen Butter Beans are almost TOO PREVIOUS to chuck into a blender. But we can confirm they make THE creamiest, silkiest dip that has a more delicate flavour to hummus. This will up your crisp + dip game.

If you're a puttanesca fan, then you will LOVE this. It's all the usual punchy flavours of a traditional olive tapenade but we've squeezed in some roasted garlic and our the earthiness of our Queen Black Beans give it some real body.  Smother onto crispy crostinis or dunk into with crudités.


Butter Bean Mash with Roasted Tenderstem Broccoli + Parmesan

 Potato mash WHO?! This guy is creamier, beanier + higher in protein, making it a more delicious, nutritious + satisfying base for any veg, meat or fish. Trying replacing your meat + 2 veg with this guy and see how Uncle Ted reacts!!

Chic, sophisticated + a wee bit dainty: 3 words you never thought could associate with beans!! But these guys are sure BOLD in flavour. The salsa verde gives a real zing to set off that creamy white bean puree.


This number is CHIC. This is a showstopper you're going to want to place in the centre of the table at a dinner party. If squash isn't in season, try it with roasted sweet potato or broccoli.


Portobello Mushrooms, Butter Bean Mash + Chilli Oil


"The vegan equivalent to steak + mash" : Yotam Ottolenghi. It's rich, earthy + deep in flavour, and will make you wonder why you ever even opted for the steak + potatoes in the first place!


Silky Hummus with Crispy 'Nduja Chickpeas

Of course we couldn't do a bean-dip post + not include a hummus. But not just any hummus, the DREAMIEST, SILKIEST HUMMUS YOU WILL EVER MEET, why's that? Because it uses our Queen Chickpeas, duh! - thanks to their super thin skins and creamy interior. If you're not into this particular topping, the hummus recipe still bangs in its own right.