Our Story

They say, the more you love food, the more you realise how messed up the food system is. Well our founder, Amelia, bloody loves food.

Bold Bean Co's journey began in a basement flat in Madrid.

PICTURE THIS: an Erasmus student with very little to do. Hungover from another night filled with terrible broken Spanish, she found herself hungry + lazy. Next thing you know, she's eating creamy butter beans straight out of a jar. Amelia remembers closing her eyes to properly immerse herself in that moment, it was the taste of natural, creamy sumptuousness. It was the taste of a BOLDLY BRILLIANT bean.

After three years of working in the food sustainability space, a little legume appreciation turned into a full on obsession. Amelia realised that BEANS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD, someone just needs to start spreading the gospel. 

"Bold Bean Co is the new Tesla."
(on slightly more of a bootstrap, for those on slightly more of a bootstrap)
Beans are what got us humans here in the first place + they're gonna save our bacon when it comes to our environmental impact + food system, IF we eat enough of them.

They're the green protein machine allowing us to cut down on the chicken kievs + so too your carbon footprint. 
They're the little marvels which replenish our soil with the much needed nitrogen it needs, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers which are wrecking the earth as we speak. (Did you know we only have 60 harvests left before we can't farm anymore?)
They're packed full of good stuff like fibre, protein and B vitamins, keeping us us healthy

So just like Tesla, we're gonna lead the way on this environmental mission, the only difference is we're not reinventing the wheel - we're just bringing the bean back from the ancient times and starting a BEAN RENAISSANCE ft the best possible quality beans. For too long us Brits have been putting up with commoditised monocrops on our shelves and haven't even realised what we're missing out on. WELL FOLKS, YOU DO NOW! 



Fave Bean?

Queen Butter Bean or Carlin Pea

Fave bean recipe?

Butter Bean Puttanesca or Carlin Pea Saag



Fave bean?

Organic White Bean

Fave bean recipe?

Creamy Courgette Bean-Otto



Fave bean?

Queen Butter Bean

Fave bean recipe?

Mediterranean Cod, Chorizo + Butter Bean Stew

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