Why should you be eating more Red Beans?

Why should you be eating more Red Beans?

The power of THE RED BEAN

A bean worth so much more than chilli con carnes....

We all know by now that beans are good for us, and we've probably all heard that we should be eating MORE beans. But in particular, we should all be upping our consumption of red beans. This January we are on a mission to shine the spotlight on these underrated little hero's. It is our goal to BEAT THE JANUARY BLUES with RED (beans)! And here's why...

For our health...

For a balanced healthy diet, regularly eating beans is recommended. They are in fact counted as a protein source AND a vegetable! Two birds with one stone! or... one bean. 

Not only do red beans fill us up, they are also packed with iron, manganese, folate AND phosphorus. Sounds great - but what happens when we eat these beans and take on all of these nutrients? 


Iron is an essential micronutrient and the most abundant trace mineral in the human body. So eating iron rich red beans is SO important. It contributes to normal cognitive development and function of children, so getting the whole fam on board eating more beans is key. Iron also contributes to the normal function of the immune system, keeping us fit and healthy all year round. The most noticeable function of iron is its contribution to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Something most of us can relate to. So, eat more beans = feel more energised!


Manganese is an important mineral needed for many vital functions in the body. Our body only needs very small amounts of manganese in order to serve its functions. So actually adding beans to our diet regularly will cover this! It aids with the absorption of nutrients, production of enzymes that help us digest food, bone development AND immune system defences. What a role...

This essential nutrient works closely with other minerals, including iron. Together the mighty duo helps to strengthen bones, reduce inflammation and regulate our blood sugar levels. 


Red beans also contain folate. Folate is the natural form of vitamin B9, and is essential for overall health, to make healthy red blood cells, and is particularly important during pregnancy. Having good levels of folate help prevent neural tube defects in a fetus during pregnancy. 


Phosphorus is another SUPER important mineral that plays a key role in many aspects of health in our bodies. Beans are a particularly good source of phosphorus. Red beans contain large amounts of phosphorus, and eating them regularly is associated with lower risk of many chronic diseases, including cancer. Phosphorus also helps you turn fat, carbs and protein into that energy that keeps us functioning! 

Phosphorus also help with bone strength. Calcium needs phosphorus to make your teeth and bones strong. Without this handy little mineral, calcium can't do its job. 

Protein + Fiber 🫘

Red beans are a plant-based protein powerhouse. Protein is ESSENTIAl for various bodily functions, including muscle repair, immune system support, and the production of enzymes and hormones. Combining red beans with complementary protein sources (such as grains or nuts) can provide a totally balanced amino acid profile and provide ALL the tasty nutrients our body needs.

Red beans are also rich in fiber. Something which is crucial for digestive health. The fiber we eat from beans helps regulate blood sugar levels, lower our cholesterol, and promotes regular bowel movements. HOW GREAT! It also helps in forming a gel-like substance in our digestive system which actually slows down the absorption of nutrients and promotes a feeling of fullness. So we actually FEEL full and satisfied after eating beans!  

For our tastebuds...

It's all very well being the perfect food but people are only gonna eat it if it tastes good. Well that's what we think anyway.⁠

SO, red beans are GREAT. Packed with essential nutrients that our body needs and an all round health boosting hero. They also happen to be darn delicious.

They are super versatile, have a great meaty texture to them, and pair well with so many other flavour. They also have a natural sweetness to them that sets them apart from many other legumes. Sourced from Spain - where they grow best! - our Queen Red Beans are cooked low + low and seasoned with just salt + water. They're creamy, rich and just PERFECT in so many dishes. Not just chilli con carne...

We've rounded up some mighty Red Bean recipes that shine a light on these marvellous little legumes and will provide some weeknight dinner bean-spo!  

Beanspo! 🍽️

Smoky Red Bean Aubergine Traybake with Tahini Drizzle








N'duja Beans, Mozzarella + Hot Honey 










Roasted Cherry, Shaved Fennel + Red Bean Salad with Goats Cheese