So, you've got your hands on a jar of our Bold Beans, but the lid is giving you a workout? NO FEAR, we've got your back.

Our jars are sealed tight for a good reason - to make sure they are safe and no bacteria or nasties can get in them from when they are made - all the way to your table. Now, let's turn the struggle into a fun bean-opening adventure!

Tip 1: Channel Your Inner Bartender - Grab a bottle opener. Slide it under the lid's edge, lift, and voila! The seal will pop, and your jar will be ready to twist open. Pro tip: I once used the lip of my trusty tin opener at home – worked like a charm!

Tip 2: Jar Percussion - No bottle opener in sight? No worries! Give the jar lid a gentle tap around the edges on a hard surface or countertop. You'll hear that satisfying pop, and then it's smooth sailing to open your jar.

Pro-Tip: Bold Bean Jar Opener
Can't find the right tool? We've got you covered! Check out our specially designed jar opener available on our website. It's the superhero cape your beans have been waiting for!

Now go, release the bean magic! 🌱✨

How to store my open jar? 

How long can they chill in the fridge?
Keep the beans fresh and chilling by storing your open jar in the fridge for up to 3 days. It's like a mini-vacation for your legumes.

What if I'm playing the long game? Can I freeze them?
YOU BETCHA. Pop them in the freezer either in their jar, or move them into a tupperware and they'll be ready for action whenever you are.

Any thawing tips for my frozen beans?
When it's time to defrost, give those beans the spa treatment. Thaw them completely in the fridge before diving into the reheating process. This helps maintain their fantastic texture and flavor.

Why is the stock thick? 

The liquid in our jars - what we call BEAN STOCK - is liquid gold. If you’ve noticed that the stock in our Organic White Beans is little thicker and more gelatinous, this is nothing to fear! This particular variety of bean has a higher starch content which makes the surrounding water thicker when cooked. We absolutely encourage you to use this stock as it’s a great thickener or soups + stews, however, if you’re still a little freaked out by it, rinsing the beans under cold water will help to remove any unwanted stock. 

Where do the beans come from?

The beans we source are varieties grown for flavour rather than yield. This makes them more expensive and from varieties that are less-widely grown, but we see it as ESSENTIAL to deliver on our mission (to make you obsessed with beans, by giving you the best of beans). In 2023, we sourced from producers in the countries below.

Queen Butter Beans are harvested in September. Both this year and last year's harvest come from producers in Poland, famous for the Piekny Jas Txny variety. 

Queen Chickpeas are harvested twice per year, first in March and then in September. They come from a variety that produces extra-large chickpeas and we select the biggest and most beautiful from each crop. We are sourcing them from Mexico 

Organic White Beans are harvested in September. This year we are sourcing from Turkey and last year's harvest came from Spain. 

Organic Chickpeas are harvested in August. We are sourcing them from Spain 

Queen Red Beans from this years harvest are grown in Leon in North West Spain and new harvest from Argentina. 

Queen Black Beans from this years harvest are grown in Canada. 

Please note: When these harvests run out, we match our quality standards from other small producers to top up and make sure no-one faces a Bold Bean drought! All our beans are cooked and jarred in Spain, as we wanted to find the place who could create the best tasting bean. In an ideal world, we would love to make all our beans in the UK and it’s something we will work towards in the future.  


How much is delivery?

Wondering about the journey your beans will take to reach your doorstep? Here's the scoop:

Orders Over £35.00: Great news! If your bean haul is £35.00 or more, the delivery is on us – a little bean bonus from us to you.

Orders Under £35.00: For bean cravings that don't quite hit the £35.00 mark, there's a £5.50 delivery fee. We get it; it might seem a bit steep, but let us spill the beans. The weight of those robust glass jars doesn't come cheap in the delivery world.

Looking Ahead: We dream of a day when the journey of beans won't weigh down your wallet. As we grow, we're determined to find ways to trim down those delivery costs. Your support fuels our growth, and who knows, the next time you ask, we might have some exciting news about delivery discounts.

How long does delivery take?

Our Aim: We're on a mission to get those beans to you within 3-5 business days. That's our sweet spot for bean delivery magic.

Bean Urgency? We Hear You: Got a special event, a bean feast, or just can't wait to dive into the bean goodness? Give us a shout! We'll do our best to speed up the bean express for you. No promises, but we'll sprinkle a bit of extra magic if we can.

Where do we deliver?

Ready to map out the bean kingdom? As of now, our bean expedition is firmly planted within the UK borders. Yep, that's right – we're spreading the bean love locally.

Dreaming Big: But hold on to your beanies because we've got global dreams! We're crossing our fingers and hoping to unleash beans across the world real soon. Stay tuned for the day when beans know no bounds.

How to report a delivery issue?

We are really sorry about this! Please reach out to us via the online web chat or via Please let us know your order and include any photos or screenshots.