Bean Canapes - 3 Ways

Bean Canapes - 3 Ways


'Veggie canapés'...  two words that don't often spark joy for the vegetarians at a Christmas party. A floppy blini with a smear of cream cheese and maybe a bit of cucumber ontop. Pretty drab... BUT - never fear veggies! We've got you. Have you ever thought about using beans for your canapés!? Well, now is the time! Excellent little vessels for carrying flavour, high in protein and something worth getting excited about, we've rounded up 3 alternative veggie canapés for your next xmas do, boxing day tea or even NYE Beanspo

*Each recipe makes 6 canapes* 

1.White bean smash + salsa verde


1/2 jar Bold Bean Organic White Beans

For the salsa verde:

15g Fresh Parsley

2-3 tsp capers

1 small garlic clove, grated

1/2 lemon, zested

3-4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

To serve:

M&S Cocktail Blinis



Scoop out your beans into a dish with a little splash of the bean stock. Give them a mash, but keep the texture chunky!

Make the salsa verde, combine the ingredients in a bowl and mix to a coarse salsa. Don’t be tempted to do this in a food processor: you want to keep that rustic texture, not a refined, smooth paste. 

Lightly toast / warm your blinis under the grill. Scoop a heaped teaspoon of the beany smash onto each canapé. Top with a drizzle of the salsa verde. 

2. Honey + mustard red beans with stilton + walnuts


1/2 jar Bold Bean Queen Red Beans

1tbsp Honey

2tsp Wholegrain Mustard 

30g Stilton

Handful of Walnuts - chopped

Puff pastry canapé cases 



Scoop half the jar of red beans in to a dish. Stir through the honey and mustard and season well. 

Roughly chop your stilton into chunks.

Scoop the red beans into the puff pastry cases and top with the stilton.

Place canapés on a tray and pop under a hot grill for a few minutes to mely the cheese. Remove, let cool slightly and top with the chopped walnuts.  


3. Red pepper chickpeas + goats cheese


1/2 jar Bold Bean Queen Chickpeas

4tbsp red pepper Pelagonia Aviar or have a go making your own romesco sauce! 

To serve:

 M&S Cocktail Blinis

Soft Goats Cheese 


Scoop half the jar of chickpeas in to a dish, stir through the red pepper sauce and season well. 

Lightly toast / warm your blinis under the grill. Scoop a teaspoon of the chickpeas onto each canapé. Top with a little scoop of the goats cheese.