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Okra with Chickpeas, Lemon + Dried Mint

HUGE thank you to the legend that is Özlem Warren - award winning Turkish food writer and chef - for sharing this beauty of a recipe from her new cookbook, SEBZE.

"In my hometown of Antakya, we would not only enjoy fresh okra in summer but also dried okra later in the year. There are many ways to enjoy okra throughout Türkiye (Turkey); as stew, flavoured with lemon juice; as a soup in central Anatolia; and in some regions meat is added. In the south, okra is combined with earthy chickpeas (garbanzo beans) for a substantial meal. Sumak ekşisi (sumac juice made from crushed sumac berries in water) can also be used to intensify the sour taste. With our southern Turkish heritage, this is how my mother would cook okra, with plenty of lemon juice, extra tang from ground sumac and freshness from dried mint (a must for us as it elevates the taste and works well with the sour sauce). I absolutely adore this humble, delicious, wholesome dish that is so easy to make. It’s not always easy to get fresh okra, although frozen okra is readily available and works very well".

Photography by Sam A. Harris

Credits to Sebze by Ozlem Warren and photography by Sam A. Harris