Queen Carlin Pea 1 x 700g


Queen Carlin Pea 1 x 700g


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Keen to try the newest beans on the block? In collaboration with Hodmedod, these Queen Carlin Peas are some of THE BEST of British-grown beans. Slowly cooked with a soft, delicate texture + nutty flavour, they’re a British substitution to a chickpea. Try them in a hearty french onion bake or crisped up in a salad with sticky aubergines and garlicky yogurt. For more BEANSPO (that's bean-inspiration), check out our top 10 carlin pea recipes here.

Ingredients: Carlin Peas, Water, Salt

Always free from additives and preservatives.

Store in a cool dry place.

700g net weight (500g drained)


Nutritional Information per 100g 


364 kJ / 86 kcal


0.7 g

  of which saturates

0.13 g


12 g

  of which sugars

0.4 g


3.4 g


6.4 g


0.8 g 

Queen Carlin Pea 1 x 700g