Braised Olive + Carlin Pea Casarecce
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Braised Olive + Carlin Pea Casarecce

We were inspired by the WONDERFUL Jess Dennison for this beauty of a recipe + subbed in our Queen Carlin Peas for that extra kick of beany goodness, fibre-boost + nutty flavour. Check out more of Jess's work hereOften with pasta dishes, you feel pretty sluggish straight after - great when you want to curl up in a ball on the sofa! - but this pasta dish has a much lighter, fresher feel to it but is still pretty punchy in flavour. We’ve used our pasta pals’ Northern Pasta Co casarecce spelt flour pasta giving us that slow-energy release, keeping us fuller + more satisfied for longer AND provide a real nutty flavour - aka a pretty powerful pairing with our carlin peas! Serve simply as it is (with a good kick of lemon + quality olive oil) or serve with some blobs of ricotta if you are craving something that wee bit more indulgent.





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