3 tips to open our jars

3 tips to open our jars


So, you've got your hands on a jar of our Bold Beans, but the lid is giving you a workout?

NO FEAR, we've got your back.

Our jars are sealed tight for a good reason - to make sure they are safe and so that nothing can get inside from the journey to packaging to plate. 

Tip 1: The Bartender

Grab a bottle opener. Slide it under the lid's edge, lift, and voila! The seal will pop, and your jar will be ready to twist open. Pro tip: a trusty tin opener will also work a charm.

Tip 2: The Bold Bean Co Jar Opener

Can't find the right tool? We've got you covered! Check out our specially designed jar opener available HERE.

Watch it in action

Tip 3: Jar Percussion

No bottle opener in sight? No worries! Give the jar lid a gentle tap around the edges on a hard surface or countertop. This will break the seal and you'll hear that satisfying pop, and then it's smooth sailing to open your jar.