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What are they? 🍎

Polyphenols are naturally-occurring micronutrient compounds found in many plant-based foods. Found naturally in fruits, vegetables + cereals they are also very prominent in BEANS. Richly coloured beans like red + black beans contain around 59mg per 100g, with the daily recommended intake being around 500mg. While they can be found in supplement form, it’s best to consume them in natural foods. It's also WAY MORE DELICIOUS. Fruits such as apples, pears and dark coloured cherries + berries also up the polyphenols-points.

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What do they contain? 🦠

Polyphenols are RICH in antioxidants which can be SUPER effective in reducing the effects of aging, the risk of many diseases including heart disease.

Other antioxidants include:


Flavonoids are found in foods like onions, kale, parsley, tea, red wine, and soybeans. They make up over half of the currently known polyphenols and have anti-anflamitory properties.


Phenolic acids account for about 30% of all known polyphenols. They are found in foods like grapes, berries, tea, chocolate and coffee! Not super challenging to get those phenolic acids in!

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Why should we be eating them? 🍽️

Adding more polyphenols to your diet may improve your heart health and lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. As more research continues to be carried out on polyphenols and their benefits to us, it's becoming SO clear how important they are for our heart + health!

They also contain huge BRAIN BOOSTING BENEFITS, as well as protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. It is thought that the benefits for brain function could be related to antioxidant benefits with improving the blood flow to the brain.  

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What foods should we eat?

Well, aside from BEANS of course. Most antioxidants rich foods that are usually dark in colour, for example dark chocolate, tea, red wine, coffee, and berries. However, you may not know polyphenols are also in many other common foods! Such as onions, asparagus, lemons, grapefruit, spinach as well as spices such as turmeric and cinnamon!

Black and white beans contain the highest percentage of polyphenols: Black beans = 59 mg per 100 g
White beans = 51 mg per 100g

Now you have no excuses into incorporating MORE BEANS into your diet!

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