Imagine this; It's Monday evening, dinner time rolls around, the 6pm exhaustion sets in, hunger strikes everyone, and the mere thought of starting to cook feels overwhelming...

NOW picture this: You got ahead and batched one of these recipes. By planning ahead for the week + having that batch of delicious beans waiting for you in the fridge or freezer makes feeding the family a BREEZE on hectic weeknights. It's truly the ultimate self-care hack. 

We've rounded up 5 of the BEST batch-able beany heros that are super easy to store, reheat + enjoy throughout the week. This will TOTALLY improve your week... trust us.


1) Beans Arrabbiata

We love pasta just as much as the next guy. But this dish is FASTA THAN PASTA + doesn't compromise on flavour.  We've subbed pasta for our Queen Butter Beans as their big, fat, juiciness cling on to that rich sauce that any pasta shape would (we call 'em natures gnocchi for a reason!). Our beans are also already cooked so no more waiting for pasta to boil. Rich in protein, full of fibre, this dish will become your new weekend cook to see you through the week. 

Ways to re-vamp...

1) On toast

This dish is perfect to load onto buttered sourdough for a speedy lunch or snack the next day. Ready in under 5 minutes! 

Take some beanspo from our Greek beans on toast recipe. 

2) Stir through pasta!

Yep - we know we JUST said that you don't need pasta as our beans do all the talking. BUT if you want to make this dish go further, stirring this dish through some pasta will feed the family and even the fussiest of eaters will love this one. All the satisfaction of a simple tomato pasta, but with ALL those added benefits of our Queen Butter beans

3) Serve with cous cous / bulgur

If pasta isn't ya thing, then serve up with some warm fluffy cous cous or bulgur wheat. A quick little fix to make your beans go further. The simplicity of the beans makes re-vamping them so simple! The tomato sauce + cous cous works wonders. 

2) Red Bean + Aubergine Ragu with Tahini

This pulled aubergine + red bean ragu is such a treat. Roasting your aubergines until they are soft + jammy adds such a deep smokey flavour. The perfect combo with our Queen Red Beans. Served up with a drizzle of tahini yogurt for some sharpness + toasted sunflower seeds for crunch. This is the perfect Sunday evening cook. The leftovers will reheat SO well on their own or re-vamped into other dishes throughout the week.

Ways to re-vamp...

1) With pasta

Our ragù is far from traditional, BUT it is mighty delicious. Traditionally in Italian cuisine, ragù is a meat-based sauce that is commonly served with pasta; tagliatelle or spaghetti. Packed with our meaty Queen Red Beans, this hearty aubergine ragù works just as well with pasta as any meat sauce does. It will make your batch go even further by padding out with some cooked pasta + topping with some creamy ricotta. We love mafaldine pasta for this as it clings to the sauce SO well. 

2) With a jacket potato

For an absolute old school classic, pop a couple of jacket potatoes in the oven. The ultimate comfort food. Serve the ragù warm on to crispy, buttery jacket potatoes. Load up with grated cheese for the ultimate hug of a weeknight dinner. 

3) Shepards pie

As our Queen Red Beans are SO meaty, they make the perfect base for lots of classic traditionally meat-based recipes. Take your timeless hearty Shepard's / cottage pies, instead of mince meat, the veggie ragù is a fab alternative. Our Black Bean Pie with Cheesy Jalapeño Mash would work perfectly by swapping for this for our aubergine ragù. Loaded with cheesy spice mash and baked until bubbling, its the perfect crowd pleasing dish to feed a hungry group! 

3) Coronation Chickpeas

Everyone loves coronation chicken - nostalgic, VERY BRITISH + the perfect mix of sweet yet savoury. We've subbed out the chicken for our Queen Chickpeas. SORTED! And dare we say, even better than the original...

Ways to re-vamp...

1) Lettuce cups

Stuffing it in a sarnie is the traditional way to serve this dish. You can't go wrong with a couple of slices of hearty sourdough. BUT we also love it as a lighter, crunchier snack using little gem / iceberg lettuce for cups! Sprinkle over some Bombay mix for extra crunch. This also makes great finger food on a party platter! 

2) In a pasty

This makes a great picnic snack. Simply get some shop bought pastry, cut into circles, fill with your coronation chickpeas, fold over and bake! SO moreish + easy to make, these will be a HIT at your next bbq/ summer picnic. 

4) Miso Mushroom + Black Bean Bowl

BLACK BEANS AREN'T JUST FOR MEXICAN COOKING! Our Queen Black Beans also hold Asian flavours very well. The miso bean base can be kept as simple or as dressed up as you wish! Mix up the toppings depending on what you have available! Go crazy!

Ways to re-vamp...

1) Quesadilla

Leaning into the Mexican cuisine more, the black bean mix on its own works SO well sandwiched between two toasted wraps. Check the recipe from Mob for our smoky, cheesy Black Bean quesadillas for beanspo! The oozy cheese + the sweet bursts from the corn make this dish. 

2) Stir through noodles

Our recipe for Chilli Tahini Black Bean Noodles would work a CHARM with these miso black beans. Everything comes together in just 15 mins making it the perfect lunch. You can jazz it up in whichever way you like; asian pickles, a fried egg + any extra veggies. We've used Taiwanese noodles for this recipe as their wide, ribbon shape clings onto the sauce super well. But any noodles will work!  

3) Ramen

If you're adding noodles, you could just as easily turn this into a speedy ramen! Make a cheats broth with coconut milk, peanut butter, miso, tahini + hot water. Then add your miso black bean mix. Pour into a bowl with your cooked noodles. Top with any extras you like + a squeeze of lime. 

5) Tuna + Butter Bean Chopped Salad

BEHOLD the chopped salad. A real lunch time hero. Although this one is SUPER simple to make for lunch on it's own, batching a few portions of this + having it stored in the fridge is a life saver. 

Ways to re-vamp...

1) Wrap it up!

Grab a tortilla wrap, spread on some hummus / your favourite dip, layer with some salad leaves + scoop on some of the salad mix. Wrap it up and dig in! A slightly more filling version of this speedy salad. 

2) Add eggs

A take on a classic tuna nicoise salad. Add some soft boiled eggs + a few extra salad leaves to bulk this out. Extra protein, and extra variety! 


Take the faff out of weeknight cooking by prepping your main dish in one go. To be able to enjoy them over the course of a couple days REALLY does make a difference. Cook once, eat twice (or even three times!) Go forth + reclaim your evenings!