Try BOTH our newest beans. 
PLEASE NOTE FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS - All first boxes will be despatched on the 18th December to arrive in the week before Christmas! 
3 x Queen Black Beans - These Queen black beans have a flavour that’s rich, earthy and slightly nutty - a quality which holds up against punchy Asian sauces and zing from chillies. Try them in a Mexican-inspired shakshuka or braised in miso butter, loaded with kimchi and stir-fried veg. 
3 x Queen Red Beans - These are THE MOST DELICIOUS red beans you will ever meet. They are the creamiest, biggest variety of a red kidney bean out there. Their deeply savoury and meatiness make them the key component for a red wine ragu or scattered in a roasted kale + feta salad where their burgundy colour can be appreciated in its full glory. Even better still, try them straight from the jar.

Queen Black and Red Taster Pack

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