Our Top 10 Chickpea Recipes

Our Top 10 Chickpea Recipes


Chickpeas are the SUPERHEROES of the legume world. They may seem unassuming at first but they sure pack a punch in both nutrition + flavour. These little (or rather big, in our caseūüėČ), versatile rockets can be used in so many ways you didn't even know was possible. And we're not just talking silky hummuses or hearty salads - we're talking, big, BOLD flavours that really spotlight these nutty legumes in their full flory. Here's 10 of our fave chickpea recipes to get stuck into.¬†



Confit Tomato + Chickpeas

 If you haven't confit'ed your beans then you haven't LIVED. Slow-cooking in this way leaves the toms jammy, the garlic oozy, and the chickpeas go a little crispy with a soft, creamy belly.
And save the tomato-y oil ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs¬†magic whisked into vinaigrettes or drizzled over pasta.¬†




Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Chickpeas + Green Tahini

This recipe doubles down on crispiness: crispy purple sprouting broccoli AND crispy chickpeas. All of the crispy goodness is tumbled onto a base of green tahini then topped with pickled chillies for colour + kick.




Tomato + Gochujang Chickpeas

Indulgently creamy, mind-blowingly BEANY + a feisty kick thanks to the secret weapon, GOCHUJANG.
5 ingredient #BEANSPO you’re gonna wanna add to your recipe bank. 
Watch our recipe reel here. 



Chickpeas, Grilled Courgettes + Burrata

Making good use of our luscious bean- stock (the liquid in the jar!) is key in reaching that brothyness. Delicious on it's own with a hunk of sourdough, or part of a bigger spread, with grilled meats or skip the burrata for a vegan belter.


Meze with Tomato + Goats Cheese

This chick is sophisticated, chic + elegant: 3 words we bet you you'd never associate with beans. The creamy yet tangy goats creates a base for these tomatoey chickpeas to nestle into. Definitely one to impress guests as part of a dinner party spread.


Roasted Cauliflower, Crispy Chickpeas + Tahini Yogurt

We LOVE a chickpea + tahini pairing. It's zippy, creaminess is the perfect pairing with the crispy chicks. 
We love this as a hearty salad in it's own right, or have it as part of a mezze feast with koftas or falafel.



Tomato, Harissa + Chickpea Stew

A firm fave amongst the bean champs. It's everything you could want in a 10 min bean bowl; nutty chickpeas, blistered cherry toms + spicy harissa. A good dollop of a herby, caper yoghurt to cut through it all. NOT ONE TO MISS. 
Watch our recipe reel here.  



 Honey Roasted Carrots + Chickpeas with Sumac Yogurt

Sweet, spice + all things beany. The base of creamy yoghurt is the perfect pairing to these punchy flavours on top. A real winner served with warm flat breads. 

Coronation Chickpea

Everyone loves a coronation chicken - very nostalgic, very British + now, darn sustainable as you can sub the chicken for Queen Chickpeas. SORTED! Don't fancy the sandwich? Serve on a bed of crunchy lettuce as part of a big party platter.  


Grilled Courgette + Chickpea Salad with Lemony Yogurt

Another bean + courgette combo because this team just does not disappoint. It's light + fresh thanks to that lemony yog, yet the chickpeas give it heartiness + oomph. This is one to have on repeat during the summer months.