Belly, Bowels & Beans: THE GUT STUFF

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Belly, Bowels & Beans: THE GUT STUFF

So, along comes kefir, kimchi + kombucha and suddenly we push the goji berries to the back of the cupboard (they were always a bit dry anyways) + start filling our fridge with ferments. GUT HEALTH IS THE NEW THING. 

The truth is, while it's 'trendy,' it's here to stay; because research is showing that our gut health impacts everything we feel: good, bad, unwell, happy, sad. It affects your whole body + mind, our sleep + our immunity. In short - we need to look after it.


Fibre foods gut health brands

1. Kombucha. Fermented tea sold in trendy coffee shops. TRUST US, it's cracking. Great on a hangover, great when you don't want to drink + it gives you a buzz. Only thing is, you've gotta watch out for the brands which sit outside the fridge. For the bacteria to be live and do its magic, it needs to be cold. Fix8 is a brand which NEVER hit room temperature + it also happens to tastes sensational, hit them up!

Fibre foods gut health beans

2. Fermented veggies. You can make them at home or buy them from an artisan (we like Eaten Alive), but either way, you have got to start including them in your meals. Try putting our butter beans in a tray with grated cheese all over them, grill them till they're melted and then pull them out, cover the dish with Kimchi. Honestly, the most winner of an easy dinner you can imagine (even better with some crispy breadcrumbs to add texture). 

Fibre foods gut health

3. Kefir. We're talking a tastier Yakult which actually does something for your belly. We like The Collective Yoghurt Company for this one. 

4. BEANS. Yup, you didn't think they could get any higher in your books but here you go: Two key things in food which affect your gut health are fibre & polyphenols, so OBVIOUSLY, beans happen to have both of these things. Winner, winner, beans for dinner. If you don't believe us because we're bean sycophants check out this article on Gutsy. 



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