60 harvests left and how YOU can prevent it.

60 harvests left and how YOU can prevent it.

What is Topsoil? 

Topsoil is what we dig into to grow plants. That means it's the home of EVERYTHING we eat (animals eat plants grown from the topsoil). Without it, we are, well, not alive. 

Okay, well what's up with it?

A lot, actually. We've slowly been ruining it through our farming methods + deforestation, and global warming hasn't done it any favours either. It's become less fertile + there is, simply, less of it (half of the planet's topsoil has been lost in the last 150 years). 

Research has shown that within 60 years, we'll have no healthy topsoil left to grow anything and everything, aka, DISASTER.

What can we do?

1. Eat less meat, but higher quality.
We know, we know, we're preaching to the choir. Loads of you bean champs are already doing this or don't eat meat at all. But, meat-eating is a huge reason why we're losing our topsoil. Industrial farming methods (like tilling + use of fertilizers)  which are used to grow livestock food have boosted yeilds at the expense of the soil. Opt for pasture-fed meat (check this list of retailers out) or don't eat meat at all and get your protein from beans, beautiful beans + other sources.

2. Start Offsetting through tree planting.
Part of the reason why we're losing our topsoil is due to deforestation. When you have plant and tree cover, erosion will happen far less easily. SO GET PLANTING! The easiest way for you to do this (while reducing your carbon footprint) is to use tools such as Greenr, which help you offset your carbon by planting trees, at checkouts like what we have on our website.

 3. If you can, BUY ORGANIC.

We know it's not possible for everyone, cause sadly it can be expensive. But if you can support Organic farmers - DO IT! They add compost and manure to the soil which replenishes nutrients and keeps soil healthy. This sort of farming also reduces flood risk, minimising erosion + captures carbon.

Potato peel, leftover cabbage soup - whatever food you're not eating bung it in a compost bin and sit and wait. In 6 months you'll have an insanely natural fertilizer to make your garden Orlando Bloom. Compost helps improve the soil fertility, structure + it's water holding capacity. IT ALSO MEANS LESS CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS!

5. Eat Nitrogen-fixing plants. whaisasdjgenfij? What the bean does that mean? Well some covercrops like legumes (#beanplug...) have bacteria on the root nodules which pull nitrogen from the atmosphere + put it back into the soil. This not only means you don't need fertilizer for whatever you plant next in that soil, but cover crops also stop weeds from growing (no need for chemical pesticides). Winner, winner, beans for dinner. 

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