Picnic Beans

Picnic Beans


How to keep your picnics FULL OF BEANS.. and we're not just talking hummus + carrot sticks. 

There's just something about eating al-fresco that just makes everything taste better. But as much as a fresh salad sure hits the spot during the summer months, they sure don't travel well, and limp lettuce leaves just aren't worth your disappointment. So we've put together our most TASTY, finger-food + tupperware-friendly recipes that are gonna give your gingham blankets + outdoor spreads some well deserved excitement. 

Red Bean + Stilton Rolls

Sausage rolls are a picnic STAPLE.  But there is no sausage in these rolls. Instead, our Queen Red Beans create that meatiness and are paired with a punchy stilton and the sweetness of honey to create a real indulgent crowd pleaser - we bet you won't even miss the original! 


 Black Bean Tapenade

Step aside hummus, this beany tapenade is the new, chic dip on the block. What makes it better to a traditional tapenade?  THE QUEEN BLACK BEANS. Their earthiness give it some real body + really pack a punch with those sharp olives + capers. Smother onto crispy crostinis or dunk into with crudites. 


Coronation Chickpea

We all love a Coronation Chicken - very nostalgic, very British and now darn sustainable as you can sub the chicken for QUEEN CHICKPEAS. Stuff 'em in a sandwich for the classic way, or tumble onto crunchy lettuce leaves for a real party platter.


 White Bean Crostinis with Salsa Verde

Chic, sophisticated + a wee bit dainty: 3 words you never thought could associate with beans!! But these guys are sure BOLD in flavour. The salsa verde gives a real zing to set off that creamy white bean puree. Quick + simple to make (but we've suggest assembling before tupperwaring!). 


 White Bean + Jarred Artichoke Focaccia

 What's a picnic without a well-packed sarnie? And let us tell you, this one is PRETTY MEGA. The key to a good sarnie is not skimping on the filling; our Organic White Beans give this guy oomph, juiciness + added protein, paired with basil, parmesan + lemon, all stuffed into fluffy focaccia.    


White Bean, Sage + Lemony Dip

HUMMUS WHO?! This creamy, dreamy butter bean mash is the new dip you'll be dunking into on repeat. Our Queen Butter Beans or Organic White Beans can be used interchangeably here, either way you'll still notice that silky texture. 


White Bean + Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad

A sexy salad without the fear of limp lettuce leaves. It's fresh, it's light + it's everything you could want on a hot summers day. You could even keep the tomatoes fresh to keep this recipe even simpler. 


 Butter Bean Mash + Muhammara Crostinis

Another member of the bean crostini crew. And if you're unfamiliar with muhammara, it's a spiced dip made with roasted peppers + walnuts: we love it's fierce flavour on top of our creamy Queen Butter Beans to balance everything out. If you're not packing into picnics, serve them as a chic canape at a garden party of summer evening spread. Definitely one to pair with a tipple or two.