Chorizo + Chickpea Carbonara

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Chorizo + Chickpea Carbonara

"Carbonara is without question one of the great pasta dishes of all time, and for that, I will forever be grateful to Italy. But there are enough carbonara recipes in this world to last a lifetime, even if you made a different one every single day. So I took a cue from what makes a classic carbonara so delicious—funky salty guanciale (cured pork jowl), lots of imami-laden Parmesan cheese, eggs for richness, and tons of freshly ground black pepper to cut through it all—and came up with this recipe. There is dried Spanish chorizo, a spicy, smoky cured meat that has a lot of the funk and intensity of gianciale but leans a bit smokier in flavor. And I’ve added crispy chickpeas, which sizzle and fry in the fat that is released from the chorizo as it cooks. The vibe of the dish ends up skewing more Spanish in flavor, but the spirit of the dish and the way it all comes together is quintessentially Italian. Don’t let your fear of accidentally scrambling the eggs scare you away—I’ll teach ya how to temper the beaten eggs with a splash of pasta water so they don’t go into shock when they hit the hot pasta."

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