Banging Beans with Roasted Fennel + Blood Oranges

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Banging Beans with Roasted Fennel + Blood Oranges

HUGE thanks to the legend that is Klara, aka @klararisbergcooks, who let us share this #beanspo on our website for all you champs to enjoy.

This Swedish-born chef, food photographer + recipe developer works with the seasons to create STUNNING recipes with real style + using flavours from across the world.

"I love beans, I don’t think people eat or cook enough with beans. They are so easy, cheap, healthy and versatile. From bean patties, falafel, dips to salads, stews, list goes on." Klara aka a REAL #BEANCHAMP

Check out her website here to see some insanely tasty recipes to make your mouth water + lure you right into the kitchen.


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